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Suunto D4i Novo

An easy-to-use dive computer with freedive mode and air integration

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Sunnto D4i Novo

The great all-rounder will come with vibrant color options and a new strap.


 Suunto has launched new color versions of the popular dive computer Suunto D4i. The product features stay the same, but they now come in fresh new colors and design.  

The new-look Suunto D4i will be available in black, white, blue and lime. As well as the renewed design, the Suunto D4i also features an all new, soft silicone strap, ensuring maximum comfort as well as a superb fit. The case and strap are color-matched for a consistent look, bezel and mask prints are new and the buttons are made of metal.

Sleek and lightweight, the Suunto D4i also offers versatile functionality. With four dive modes — including freediving — Suunto RGBM algorithm, and the option of wireless integration, it's the dive computer of choice for all divers looking for a colorful and lightweight dive computer.

To make it even easier to sync and share extraordinary diving adventures, Suunto also offers the updated DM4 software, and easy synching with sports community and logbook.



Specification: benefits
Weight 84 g
Operating temperature 0°C - +40°C/32°F - +104°F
Water resistance 100m/328ft
Storage temperature -20°C - +50°C/-4°F - +122°F
Selectable metric/imperial units
Mineral crystal glass
Menu-based user interface
Dot-matrix display
Backlight type Electro-luminescent Display
Adjustable backlight duration




Log book memory
Personal adjustment
Suunto RGBM decompression model
Safety stop
Temperature display
Deep Stops
Dive time in seconds in free mode
Operation mode Nitrox
Profile sampling rates in seconds 1,10,20,30,60s
Dive planner
Lifetime history Scuba
Lifetime history Freedive
Operation mode Watch
Altitude adjustment
Consumed bottom time graph
Ascent rate monitor/alarm
Ascent time display Up to 99 min
Audible alarm
Full decompression data
Maximum depth alarm
Maximum depth display 100m/328ft
Operation mode Air
Operation mode Free