TL6P : With a stunning 1650 lumens. 8 degree hot spot, 70 degree periphery.

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TL6P: With a stunning 1650 lumens, the TL6P is the larger of our two canister technical lights but with a number of great features and upgrades from the TL6, the TL6P remains popular with many types of divers. One important upgrade is a mesh strain relief cord cover to protect from wire kinks or stress, as well as plastic strain relief on connection points. The second upgrade is that a switch mechanism has been added to the light head for ease of use; this means there is one magnetic rotary switch on the light head with three power settings and also a magnetic slider switch on the battery canister with two power settings. A focused 8 degree hot spot beam with a 70 degree periphery beam make this light a versatile choice not only as a technical light, but as a handheld canister light for multiple uses. The light is sold with a battery canister (P/N: BATCAN2.2) with a replaceable NiMH battery cell pack (P/N: BATCELL2.2). For longer battery life, we recommend the XL-size battery canister (P/N: BATCAN4.5). Accessories included with the TL6P include a hard aluminum Goodman-style handle and a smart charger with quick and slow charge options. 
Product Specifications - TL6P
Light Source                    6 x LED
Light Output                     1650 lumens
Casing Material               Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source                 Rechargeable Ni-MH battery canister
Angle Of Light Beam      8 degree hot spot, 70 degree periphery
Safety Designs               Thermal protection system prevents the light from overheating
Color Temperature        6500K
Burn Time                        This light offers two power settings on the battery canister, and three on the light head. Burn time can range from 2 hours on hi-hi, to 9 hours on lo-lo.
Maximum Depth             100m tested
 Size                                  89 x 140mm (D x L) Light Head
55 x 217mm (D x L) BAT13.2-2.2 Battery Canister
77 x 223mm (D x L) BAT13.2-4.5 Battery Canister.
Grip                                   Aluminum Goodman handle (compatible with our soft neoprene Goodman glove, sold separately)
Weight                               1736gr (Light Head + GM Handle + Battery Canister BAT13.2-2.2)
Bouyancy                         -660gr
Switching System           Magnetic sliding on battery canister (two levels), Rotary magnetic on light head (three levels)
Transportation Lock       Locking switch on light head
Front Glass                       Tempered optical glass
Lantern Handles             TL G-Handle
specifications subject to change without prior notice.