Seapro LP90cm soft fluo hose View full size

Seapro LP90cm soft fluo hose

A coloured and braided low pressure 90cm hose.

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Colours: blue/ pink/ yed/ yellow/ black

The rubber layer island throughout the inside, preventing salt, sand and dirt from accumulating in the mesh of the inner braiding polyethylene eroding the inner tube with polyurethane foam; the result is increased reliability and durability.     
The single mesh of the outer colored nylon braid (or black) allows you to create a set more dense and compact, less prone to dilate when the whip is impressed with a particularly sharp bend and more resistant rub.     

Construction of the whip from inside to outside
- inner tube with polyurethane foam 
- coating of polyethylene braid 
- rubber coating 
- black or colored exterior nylon braid

Technical data:
internal diameter: 6.7 mm 
outside diameter: 12 mm 
Working pressure: 35 bar 
minimum bursting pressure: 140 bar 
actual burst pressure: 160 bar 
operating traction EN 250: N 1000