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A superlight, travel friendly BCD.

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The lightest and most durable ultra-compact BC on the market

Traveling light doesn't mean you have to compromise. The new Covert BC is for those divers counting weight by the ounce and looking for uncompromising quality. Part of the popular and well known Ranger BC lineage, the Covert is for those looking for legendary "Ranger" toughness and durability in a compact travel BC. And at 3.9 lb, you no longer have to worry about travel weight restrictions.


Loaded with innovation. The new Covert uses an elastic mesh fabric on the bladder assembly to help streamline the profile while allowing for expansion of the bladder to a generous 32 lb lift capacity.

Streamlined Profile design. Using an elastic mesh fabric results in an improved streamline profile allowing the diver to use less energy and stay down longer.

Outstanding durability. 1000 Denier Cordura nylon throughout means no compromise to quality and durability.

Packs smaller than a Sunday newspaper. Space is at a premium these days so we designed the Covert to be ultra compact.


Product features

  • Lightly padded shoulders with side release buckles
  • Shoulder designed with wider straps for comfort
  • Delrin D-ring mounting platform built in
  • Adjustable waist
  • Adjustable waist allows for snugging up the BC over a variety of different dive suits
  • Easily adjustable with one hand
  • 32 lb lift with low profile retractable bladder assembly
  • Double bladder construction that is repairable in the field
  • Extremely abrasion resistant
  • Fits close to torso for low drag
  • Inner bladder can be patched in the field
  • 16 lb capacity touch fastener weight system
  • Easily load and unload weights through top opening
  • Use almost any standard dive weight (block, pouch, etc.)
  • Easy to use Touch-fastener release with pull handle



Scubalabs opinion

Zeagle’s new featherweight Covert back buoyancy BC is a dream come true for divers looking for a lightweight BC that can be taken anywhere. The Covert can be rolled into a package not much bigger than a folded newspaper and is loaded with tons of features. The new Covert is built from durable, 1000-Denier Cordura, yet weighs only 3.9 pounds. When you get to the dive site, the Covert unfolds into a full-featured BC, including an adjustable sternum strap, ditchable weight pockets and double tank bands. An elastic mesh fabric on the bladder assembly helps maintain a streamlined profile in the water while still allowing the BC to offer 32 pounds of lift. Bottom line: The Covert is a super-light, packable and durable BC that’s built to be taken anywhere.