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Mares Quad Computer

A large screen dive computer with a wonderfully easy to read and customizable interface.

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■■ Magnificently clear display with jumbo size information

■■ Two customizable fields for ancillary information

■■ Four buttons for intuitive user interface

■■ Mirrored button function during dive

■■ Option to view dive time including seconds

■■ Runaway deco alarm

■■ Multigas capable

■■ Decompression dive planner with user adjustable surface interval

■■ Long battery life, user replaceable

Technical Features

Battery - Type CR2450 (Duration 200-300 dives)

Nitrox - EAN from 21% to 99%

 Further description

- Display is taller than its predecessors, therefore allowing 3 rows of information to be displayed. 

- The positioning of the buttons on the corners of the unit allow you to manipulate the watch in full without obstructing the display, as both upper buttons modify the top row, and the same goes for the lower buttons. Therefore regardless of which wrist the watch is worn on, the information can be manipulated with the other hand without blocking the screen. 

- The temperature can be displayed at the bottom, as usual, or also at the top. There is a dedicated menu to choose the position. Same goes for the ASC+5, the prognosis of your deco if you extended your stay a the current depth another 5 minutes (but only if you are in deco already, of course)

- There is a third water density setting, called EN13319, which corresponds to 1.0197kg/l and this comes from 1bar = 10m. People using Bühlmann tables should use this setting. Our salt water setting uses 1.025kg/l and fresh is of course 1.00 kg/l.

-  You can add seconds to the dive time.

- After the dive the post dive display alternates every 4 seconds with a minilog of the preceding dive, for boat operators that want to check depth and time of their divers.

- The display is such that once the trimix algorithm is complete, the quad will be able to be upgraded.