Inon Grip Base M1 (12-24 Tripod Screw Set) View full size

Inon Grip Base M1 (12-24 Tripod Screw Set)

to attach the base on a housing which has 12-24UNC screw holes on its base.

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The "Grip Base M1 (12-24 Tripod Screw Set)" is special version of the Grip Base M1 packaged with 12 -24 Tripod Screw Set instead of standard 1/4 Tripod Screws specially for a housing with 12-24UNC screw holes.  Best suit for an Ikelite housing which has 12-24 UNC size screw holes of 76mm/3in. center to center distance on its base.(*1)
Combined housing is securely attached on the Grip Base M1 with two tripod screws and wide range of INON adapters/base products are compatible on its strobe/arm mount.  It is easy to add extra "D Holder" for dual strobe configuration.  Its base part has legs for stable placement of combined housing.