Divevolk SeaHold™ Underwater Tripod without Housing Clamp View full size

Divevolk SeaHold™ Underwater Tripod without Housing Clamp

Tripod with Weight Block for DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 2 underwater iPhone Diving Housing,Accessories

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  •  This new small curved tripod is specially designed for underwater photography and underwater video. It is your underwater best assistant.
  • It has been upgraded in both material and construction to achieve TOP-GRADE performance.
  • 1 year replacement warranty - Flexible legs are made from thicker high quality stainless steel . It maximizes the harshness of the wear or risk of daily exploration
  •  Increased stability - Advanced metal oval connectors that lock the heaviest smartphone in place.
  • Non-slip feet and unique weight block design make this adjustable tripod stable under water 

Main Function :

  • Unique designer : Tripod with Weight Block increase the weight and make it more stable underwater
  • Support all smartphones regardless of weight
  •  The legs are made of thicker high quality stainless steel
  •  Ensure that the rubber feet are gripped to provide a stable support
  •  Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying

This product is a separate accessory and needs to be used with clamp for SeaTouch 2 PRO iPhone housing.
It can attach other clamp to work both underwater and on land for all smartphones and Gopro etc.