Scuba Equipment Service

Regulator Maintenance Services

  • Regulator Service 1st Stage (Balance Type) exclude service kit                                       RM 50.00
  • Regulator Service 1st Stage (Unbalanced Type) exclude service kit                                 RM 45.00
  • Regulator Service 2nd Stage (Balance Type) exclude service kit                                      RM 50.00
  • Regulator Service 2nd Stage (Unbalanced Type) exclude service kit                                RM 45.00
  • Air 2 System Regulator/Inflator -Excluding parts and services kits                                    RM 80.00
BCD Maintenance Services 
  • BCD Inflator - Excluding parts and services kits                                                                 RM 40.00
  • BCD Full Service - Includes inspection and service of inflator, cleaning of bladder,          RM 80.00
                                     cleaning of all valves and exhaust
                                     (Excluding parts and service kits)
Scuba Cylinder Testing Services

  • Hydrostatic Testing (Air use cylinders)                                                                                RM 70.00
  • Hydrostatic Testing (Nitrox use cylinders)                                                                           RM 80.00
  • Hydrostatic Testing (Oxygen use cylinders)                                                                        RM 85.00
  • Oxygen Cleaning (Nitrox and Oxygen use cylinders)                                                         RM 105.00
  • Eddy Current Testing (All cylinders)                                                                                    RM 80.00
  • Cylinder Valve BASIC Service (Labour and Service Kit V-KTK)                                         RM 79.00
  • Cylinder Valve COMPLETE Service                                                                                   RM 120.00
       Labour and parts including: -Service Kit V-KTK
                                                    -VP01 - Safety Valve
                                                    -VP07- Spindle
                                                    -VP13 - Handwheel Spring
                                                    -VP14 - Nut
  • Cylinder Valve OVERHAUL Service                                                                                   RM 180.00
       Labour and parts including: -Service Kit V-KTK
                                                   -VP01 - Safety Valve 
                                                   -VP07 - Spindle
                                                   -VP10 - Bonnut
                                                   -VP11 - Handwheel teflon washer
                                                   -VP12 - Handwheel
                                                   -VP13 - Handwheel Spring 
                                                   -VP14 - Nut
Underwater Camera Housing Maintenance Services

  • D-SLR (Excludes service kits and parts)                                                                               RM 150.00
  • Semi D-SLR / Mid-Range Compacts (Excludes service kits and parts)                                RM 150.00
  • Compacts (Excludes service kits and parts)                                                                          RM 100.00
         *Subjected to availability of parts and kits

Dive Computer Maintenance Services
each computer service comes with battery change, chamber test, and o-ring replacement
MARES                                                                                                                                 Battery Change 
- Puck, Puck Pro, Puck Pro+, Puck Console                                                                        RM100.00
- Smart, Nemo, Nemo Excel, Nemo Sport, Quad, Quad Air                                                 RM150.00
- Matrix 1.0, Matrix 2.0 (Rechargeable Battery)                                                                    RM200.00
- Icon, Icon HD (Rechargeable Battery)                                                                                RM250.00
Suunto, ScubaPro, Oceanic, Others*                                                                               Battery Change 
- Zoop, Zoop Novo, D4, D4i, D6, D6i, D9, D9Tx, Dx, Stinger, Mosquito,                             RM195.00
Meridin, Mantis, Uwatec, Uwatec 2G, Extender, Cressi ED, Suunto Transmittors
- Suunto software/firmware reset or update                                                                         RM100.00

*Please check with Tech.Dept. (tech@rainbowrunner.net)

 Suunto EON Steel, Suunto EON Core, ScubaPro Luna, ScubaPro Galileo, ScubaPro Sol, Uwatec Aladdin or
 large size computer from Suunto & ScubaPro.
INSPECTION FEE                                                                                                                 RM55.00
 In any event that the dive computer is to be repaired after diagnosis and the customer does not agree to the repair charges,
 an inspection fee of RM55.00 will be imposed before the un-repaires computer is returned to the customer.
 Rainbow Runner Sdn Bhd hold the rights "No Warranty even After Chamber Test" policy

*All prices quoted here is none GST. Services does not include any parts or service kits unless otherwise stated.Services quoted here is subject to acceptance of the equipment.
*Equipment that is deemed not serviceable may be rejected with or without prior notice of acceptance.
*Equipment services offerred here is subjected to our Terms & Conditions stated in the Equipment Service & Repair Form.

Eddy CurrentWhat is eddy current testing?

Eddy current testing is a method that uses electromagnetic waves to measure certain material characteristics of metals. 
Electrical currents are caused to flow in the metal under test by placing a suitably connected probe near the material. 
The closer the better. Certain material characteristics affect the flow of these currents and the changes are detected by an electronic instrument, which is something like a sophisticated radio. The probe is not unlike an antenna as it both sends energy and receives signals from the metal. With this method, one can detect various types of flaws, probe to material spacing, certain characteristics of the material and numerous other things. Of course, for aluminum tank 
inspection, we are mainly interested in the detection of what is commonly referred to as SUSTAINED LOAD CRACKING (SLC).

In SLC, small radial cracks start at the base of the threaded neck area of a cylinder and propagate toward the shoulder (the cylinder body) and up into the neck (threaded area) as the cracks grow deeper. Eventually, these cracks can become quite deep and can lead to tank rupture. Eddy current techniques can detect these cracks in the initial stages of formation long before there is any real hazard. 

 Why do I need this type of inspection?

You need this inspection to insure that all the cylinders that you are using are defect free using the best and most current technology. Cracked cylinders need to be removed from service before they start to leak. Short tight cracks are very difficult to see with visual means and are easily missed, but are readily detected with the VISUAL EDDY eddy current technology. No guessing anymore with this technique. (Back to Top)

Chamber Test 

Pressure test is importance in order to assure the camera housing either Compact or dSLR housing that you invested is in good condition. We also service and change most of the Dive Computers batteries.
We are proud to introduce our new Pressure Chamber that have pressure rated as below; 

Dive Computers : 30-40m (3-4bar)
Compact Housing : 30-40m (3-4bar)
DSLR Housing : 40-50m (4-5bar)(Back to Top)

Hydrostatic Test Date
All cylinders must pass a hydrostatic test every five years. The test date is permanently stamped on the cylinder if it passes inspection. In this example, the test was performed in June of 2001. A plus "+" symbol following the test date indicates the cylinder can be filled 10% higher than the stated maximum service pressure. Because this test is performed every five years, the cylinder may have several hydro dates stamped on the cylinder.Hydro diagram
The simple explanation, for testing, is safety for the public, the cylinder filling technician and the transportation of potentially explosive high pressure vessels over our highways. Although cylinders are made of non-shatterable metal, they still can tear apart with explosive force, fire off the valve, spin or take off at high speeds through walls, causing severe bodily harm, death and destruction.

The hydrostatic test actually measures the elastic expansion of the metal and its ability to return to its original shape within 10 percent of the original volume. The water test is safe since it cannot compress or expand like air. If the cylinder leaks or blows out, it leaks a stream of water and the worst case scenario is a water jacket’s copper gasket breaks allowing water to spray everywhere. (Back to Top)