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BCD Inflator Hose Attachment Valve Repair Kit


Do you have any BCDs with broken inflator or dump valves that needs to be fix?
You find it such a waste to throw away a otherwise perfectly looking  BCD and hope the valve can be repaired or replaced?

Dive shops tells you that the valve cannot be repaired or even if repaired, it would not last?
Scuba-Fix may have the solution for you. For years, nobody really found an efficient way to service or repair broken BCD valves. Most BCD/s were either thrown away or write off when the valve parent material gives way. These BCD/s are often in full working condition other than that broken valve. These BCD/s, are wasted!

Scuba-Fix have develop the world\\\'s first DIY BCD Repair Kit such that you can carry out the repairs on your own with guidance from our instructional video.  And if u are still not confident with doing it yourself after watching the video, you can send your BCD to us for repair at a nominal fee.

As of now, we have repair kit for SeaQuest, US Diver, Aqualungs, Mares, OMS, Halcyon, Dive Rite, Frog, Oceanic, ScuabPro, SeacSub, Aquatec, Beuchat and Sherwood.

Group 1 : SeaQuest, US Diver, and Aqua Lung

Group 2 :  Mares

Group 3 : Oceanic, Dive Rite, Halcyon, OMS, Frog, and Beuchat

Group 4 : Sherwood/Zeagle

Group 5 : Aquatec

Group 6 : Seac Sub

Group 7 : ScubaPro


Included in package :
1 x BCD - Valve port
1 x glue tube
1 x sandpaper
1 x Instructional Video

*We also provide the repair service for those who want to avoid the hassle or damage of their BCD by adding RM35 per valve as labor charge